Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Vision

“But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.” 
Acts 20:24, KJV

Knoxville is in need. 

There are over 450 churches in the Knoxville area. If you wanted to find a church by particular denomination, it would be easy enough to do so with a quick Google search and get names and addresses of churches that fit your description.

But what if you were looking for a church that taught a particular belief or a key Biblical concept? Doing a Google search would only benefit you if  1. you knew what you were looking for, 2. searched for it correctly, AND 3. the church that believed or taught that belief had a website that contained information on that particular topic in such a way that it could be picked up by a search engine.

So that brings me to the point of this post and for the existence of this blog. This blog is about Grace. 

By Grace I mean the clear understanding that as a Christian we are saints of God and we are in a covenant relationship with God, also known as the New Covenant. The Old Covenant was a covenant of Law. The New Covenant is a covenant of Grace. Under the Old Covenant, men pursued righteousness by doing the works of the Law. Under the New Covenant, men are righteous by faith - by believing in the finished work of Christ. Under the Old, sins were paid for temporarily with the blood of animals. Under the New, sins were paid for forever with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Although the above seem like pretty basic teachings of Christianity, many Christians have discovered that the messages they are hearing from the pulpit each Sunday aren't so clear as to where the Old Covenant starts and the New begins. They are hearing and are being taught a "mixed" gospel: part old/part new; part works/part faith.

For those Christians that have come to this realization on their own from studying the Bible, from hearing a preacher on TV that "gets it", or from a book or blog from an author that understands what Christians really have in the New Covenant, going to a mixed (gospel/covenant) church can leave one feeling empty, unfulfilled and many times frustrated.

If you identify with the above, then this blog is for you. There are other Christians in the Knoxville area that feel the same way, understand Grace and the New Covenant, and have a desire to meet together, share the truly Good News of Grace with believers and unbelievers, encourage one another, and possibly even start a Grace-based church in Knoxville at some point.

Our vision is:

1. To find you! The ones that get it! You're not alone and we want to share the joy, rest and peace we truly have in Christ. 

2. To reach other Christians that are caught in the mire of a mixed gospel (eyes on themselves, always trying to be more and do more to please God, yet never resting in the grace of God) and disciple them in the New Covenant and God's grace. 

3. To reach unbelievers and win lost souls to Christ. To spread the truly good news that their sins can be forgiven forever and that they can enter into a beautiful, fulfilling relationship with their Creator and have everlasting life. 

Thank you for stopping by. I and other contributors will be adding new content on a regular basis and we will post activities and ongoing events as they come up.

I look forward to meeting and talking to many of you soon. 

In Christ,

Brett Turner

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